Friday Joy

Friday Joy!

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Whatever you are searching for today friend, cry out to Jesus. Ask him for understanding, wisdom, forgiveness, discernment, peace, hope, healing and He will answer. Set aside some quiet time this weekend  just for Jesus.  Be still and Know.

Next week I will be focusing on hearing from God through prayer.  Have a blessed weekend friend!

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy,

Jane Ann


Heart’s Desires

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Wozwza!  Seriously?  God will give us ALL we desire and all we have to do is delight in him?  Yeah, No.  I hate to burst your bubble, but keep reading.  I think you will see that even though this verse doesn’t mean exactly what it might sound like to our worldly ears, you will be surprised, actually you will be overjoyed.

Let’s just start from the beginning, shall we.  The first part of the verse says, “when we delight in the Lord…” What does that mean to really delight in the Lord? It means that we put God first in our lives, he is our focus.  We should always be giving praise and thanks to God for all things. (Ephesians 5:20)  We turn our will over to God the Father.  That is a short version of what it means to delight in the Lord.

  I believe there are areas where we struggle with God.  Not getting what we want when we pray and even delight in God is one of those areas. However, we have to be honest with ourselves. Are we asking God to provide us with worldly possessions that we feel we need to fill a void in our lives to make us happy?  Sadly, I have been there, friend, all the while attending church, bible studies, and delighting in God.  Well, I thought I was delighting in God.  I thought if I had the right house, right car, right job, right this, right that and so on and so forth, I would be happy and content.  I did have all of that and more and I still had a  desire for more stuff.  There was never enough.  You see, when our hearts desires are of this world we will never truly find peace and contentment.  That is what the devil does, he keeps us searching in this world to keep us from the love, grace, and forgiveness of Christ. 

John 14:27 reminds us, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  When we let go of the fear, I do believe it is fear of losing something tangible, and when we are no longer conformed by this world, but become changed by renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) and placing our eyes on Jesus, our heart’s desires become aligned with God’s desires for each of us. Here is the joy and hope.  Here is the peace and contentment. Here, in Christ, is the satisfaction and fulfillment we honestly are seeking.  Dear friend, He has individual, amazing desires for each of us.  

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you today for all blessings in my life and for those reading this blog today.  God I ask that you give us courage today to let go of our worldly fears and to have the wisdom  to know that you do provide all that we need.  Amen



I will finish up this three-day series on finding joy during times of sorrow, pain, and heartache, with a quick word on impermanence.  Everything is always changing. Just take your breathing for example, the breath is constantly changing.  Sit still for a minute, close your eyes and focus on your breath. The inhale changes to an exhale, over and over.  This is a very simple example  of something that is changing quickly. 

It’s those times when our souls are hurting that it seems as if the world has stopped and nothing will ever change.  Proverbs 16:22 assures us that this time is going to pass. I am sure you have heard that old saying, “This too shall pass!” Whenever I hear someone say that, I cringe a little, because I am the type of person that wants to know when.  When is this time of difficulty going to be gone?  Well my friend, this time is going to go away as soon as we realize there is always something still beautiful to be grateful about in our lives. Yes, even when we are hurting.  Especially when we are hurting.  I am not silly enough to think that we will not hurt again, because just like that inhale becoming an exhale something will cause us pain again and we can again choose joy.  

When we choose joy and let God see into our situations, our hearts will rejoice, and no one will take away our joy!

Here are some simple ways to choose Joy:

  1. Start a gratitude journal.  Write 5 things you are grateful for today.
  2. Pray for willingness to forgive the “it” that caused your pain.
  3. Go for a walk and focus on all of the beauty around you.
  4. Call or text someone and let them know you are thinking about them.
  5. Volunteer for something you are passionate about.

What are others ways you choose joy?  I would love to hear from you!

Dear God,  Thank you for change and choice.  I pray that you will guard our hearts and when we are hurting Lord, you will see over our pain and help us to overcome the difficulty and heartache.  Help us to choose joy.  Amen.



Joy In the Journey, Part 2.

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I am so glad you came back today to find out how we can choose Joy in our Journeys no matter what our circumstances.  Like I said yesterday, it really is okay when our hearts and souls are broken to feel the pain and not be “ourselves” for just “a minute”, but we have to choose Joy even while we are there.  This will not only help us move forward, but by choosing Joy when we are hurt makes us feel better.  We get out of our heads, stop feeling self pity, and focus our attention on the good that is in our lives.

1 Peter 3:9 tells us “do not pay evil with evil or insult with insult, but to repay evil with blessing.”  Yes, blessing, Joy! This is not an easy choice to make my friend when our soul is aching, I know all too well. When we can reach deep, find a little willingness to bless the “it” that crushed our spirit we are choosing Joy.

The second part of 1 Peter 3:9 goes on to say, “because you were called so that you may inherit a blessing”.  A blessing of Joy!  A blessing of Peace! A blessing of Serenity!  A blessing of Grace! A blessing of healing!  A Joyful heart is good medicine.

When we are able to bless, we are choosing joy today. We are living joy today!


What is hurting your soul today? Can you bless the “it” that caused your hurt?


Dear God, today I pray over our souls that we may find the willingness to do your will and bless those that have hurt us.  I ask God that you will see over us as we choose to live joyfully today.  In Christ name Amen.