“Exhale” Book Study Week 2: What Will You Do With Your Leftovers?

Welcome back for another amazing week of “Exhale” Book Study! Amy and Cheri have an amazing week of reading for us that at least for me have had me “pray-cessing” quite a bit!

Chapters 4-7 are chalk full of practical ways, backed by Biblical principals, and of course Amy and Cheri’s life experiences to help us see that change is possible.

This week we will be reading about two amazing women of the bible, one only known as, “The Woman at The Well” and Rebekah. Hold on tight friend, these two women are going to teach us a thing or two (maybe three or four!)

But first, we have Amy on the video this week telling a story about her grandmother who grew up during the Great Depression.

God uses our left overs, just like he did with the loaves and fishes when he fed the Five-thousand.

Comment today how do you think or how do you see God using your leftovers?

I’ll go first. Talk about some left over pieces, I have left a trail behind me, enough that even Hansel and Gretel could find me. (And I have moved a lot over the years!) Slowly but surely with the Grace and Forgiveness of my Savior, Jesus, I am picking up those leftover pieces to make positive changes in my life that affect everyone around me. God is using those pieces today to show me that I am more than the names I have given myself in the past as we discussed last week. He is my strength. He is my guide today. Today I know that I no longer have to drink alcohol to hide my fears. I can cling to the Truth of His Word, His power, His love. I can do His will. I can, I just have to be willing. You and me friend, we just have to be willing to “Exhale”!

Let’s do it! “Exhale”!

I’ll be checking back in with you on Wednesday. Until then I’ll leave with you “Breath Prayers” from Amy and Cheri. They are amazing prayer starters when you need to breathe.


Don’t forget to leave your comments to be entered into this weeks drawing. Also, if you feel comfortable to leave your prayer requests in the comments, I will pray for you. You can also pray for the person who commented above you.

“Pray-cessing” through Competent Mistakes

Hi Friend. We have “Exhaled” through week 1.

Have you taken a minute to try a little “Square Breathing”? I love it. When I start to get a little anxious or feel that “Error Terror” start creeping in I just take a quick minute to breath. Let’s give it a go!

This week we’re reading about making “competent mistakes”. I don’t know about you, but when I read in Cheri’s Chapter 2, “I was more terrified of nothing than I was of failure.” And she goes on to say, “Doing nothing is worse-far worse-than making a mistake”.

Seriously! You mean I need to do something and take the chance of ….FAILING!!

I love Amy’s words on page 27, “Change and growth happen on the inside for a long time before anything exhibits on the outside.” She says a second later, “We can set aside our fear of trying to change by understanding that failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen. It’s a part of growth.”

For me, acceptance that failure is just a part of life and part of growth, I also have to find acceptance with the wave of feelings that come with change.

Cheri addresses our feelings on page 35. If you’re not there yet it’s okay, but I don’t want you to miss what she says here. Cheri writes, “What if your feelings are telling you about the state of your heart after you gave the best you had? After you opened yourself up? After you were bravely vulnerable?”

But here’s the real doozie, “Feeling bad while you’re learning something new doesn’t mean you did bad. Often, it’s a signal that you’re getting really good at making competent mistakes.” (Cheri Gregory, “Exhale”)

Wow! Boy have I needed that tid bit of info for awhile! But really how freeing it is to open up and be vulnerable, to learn and grow no matter where we are in life. And sister, we can do it all with the strength of Jesus!

I love the word Amy and Cheri introduce in the book, “Pray-cess” If you haven’t found it yet, there is an amazing glossary in the back of the book. On page 224 is the definition of “Pray-cess”.

I’m spending some time this week “Pray-cessing” over giving myself permission to fail and not quit.

Romans 8:31 reminds me, ” What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

My question for today:

How do you see your life changing when you hand your mistakes over to God and trust Him to take care of them and you?

Let’s “pray-cess” over this question. I’d love for you to share your thoughts in today’s comments.

I will have a drawing each Friday for a fun give away. Be sure to comment to be entered in the drawing for a set of thirty-one Bible verse cards from the Grit ‘N’ Grace Girls Etsy Store!

Each Friday I will post the links to the “Grit ‘N’ Grace” Episodes. Amy and Cheri give us a great resources to add to our tool boxes. Click the links below! If you haven’t listened to Amy and Cheri, you are going to fall in love and learn so much!

Day 2: https://gritngracegirls.com/episode136/

Day 3: https://gritngracegirls.com/episode111/

Day 4: https://gritngracegirls.com/episode127/

Before you go, Amy and Cheri ask us to “Write a prayer to ask God to do His work in you until its completed. As Him for clarity and strenth for the difficult truths” I’ve shared my prayer below, feel free to share yours or any prayer requests you have in the comments. I’d love to pray for you!

Heavenly Father, Your word tells me that the good work you have started in me will be carried out to completion. I ask for your spiritual wisdom and insight so I may grow in your knowledge. I pray my heart be flooded with light so I can understand the confident hope you have given me. Father, when I feel weak and not enough let me remember “Your grace is sufficient and your power is made perfect in my weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9a). Lord you are my strength and my defense when I feel I am stuck or when I feel responsible for everyone. Be with me as I pray-cess through and make the necessary changes that I have so needed to make. In your son’s holy name, Amen.

Zacchaeus Wasn’t So Wee and Neither Are We

Exhale Book Study Week 1

Hi Friend, this is my mid-week check in to see how things are going with, “Losing who you’re not”. This week we are reading that Zacchaeus lost who he was when he climbed up in that huge sycamore tree to see who Jesus was.

When I first read the story of Zach in Luke 19:1-10, memories of vacation bible school flooded my mind. I so remembered singing the song about Zacchaeus. He was a tiny, wee little man as the song goes, he had to climb up in the tree to get a good look at Jesus. The song goes on to tell us that Jesus sees him in the tree and He calls his name. “Hey Zachaeus, I’m going to your house, come out of that tree dude!” (my paraphrase) Zachaeus was so pumped that Jesus was coming to his house!

What this children’s song doesn’t explain is that our boy Zach is not a popular person in his town and that he has cheated many of his friends out of a lot of their money by keeping some of their money he has collected for taxes for himself, making himself quite the rich man.

But Jesus chose Zachaeus’ house to visit that very day. Coincidence? I think not.

Just as Zachaeus knew he needed to run to Jesus to make some needed changes in his life, we can do the same. Just as Jesus knew Zachaeus’ name, he knows your name and mine too!

WOW! Can you feel a sense of calm wash over you when you hear that Jesus knows your name? I sure do.

Our Savior is calling us just like he called Zachaeus to run to him. He created us, He can change us.

Through his strength, guidance, and power we can grow to be the women He created us to be. Love the women He created us to Love, and Live the one life he created for us to live.

As we read the introduction through Chapter 3 in “Exhale” this week we will see that we are not:

“Stuck Permanently”

“Required to Be Perfect”

“Responsible for Everyone All the Time”

Now take a deep breath my sweet sister and “Exhale”. God is calling your name. He is waiting for you to run to him. Allow God to draw you into the Son this week. As Zachaeus grew in so many ways that day, get ready to grow exponentially in Christ as you “Exhale”!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. “What would you like to gain from this study?”

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“How Your Story Changes”

“Exhale Book” Study Week 1

What an incredible launch party Amy and Cheri threw last week. If you missed it you can jump over to the Grit ‘N’ Grace Girls Facebook page to watch!

I am so excited to “Exhale” with you starting this week and through the next five weeks. We are going to jump right in today with a video from Cheri Gregory. She has an amazing personal story to share along with a story that appears in three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke about a women who is changed.

Click on the video below to watch, then we can discuss some questions from Amy and Cheri’s “Study Guide”.

What are some names you have given yourself that you need to give up to take your God given name, “Daughter”?’

I’ll go first. “Quitter”, “Not Enough”, “Dumb Girl”, “Fool”. Just to name a few. Daughter sounds so much better, doesn’t it!

Let’s get the discussions going: Each post I will share a question or two based on the “Exhale Study Guide” Feel free to comment on 1 or all. Also You can reply to other’s comments as well. You can feel free to share your thoughts on your reading and pray-cessing too. Encourage each other as we learn to “Lose Who We’re Not, Love Who We Are, and Live our ONE Live Well!

What is Something you would like less of?

What is Something You would like more of?

After completing “Exhale” what is one thing you desire to learn, benefit, or change?

Comment below to be entered in this weeks drawing. I can’t wait to “Exhale” with you, my fellow “Daughters in Christ”.

Here is the link to find the Bible Verse Comparisons Cheri referenced in the video https://exhalebook.com/wp-content/uploads/Bleeding-Woman-parallel-accounts.pdf

Who Doesn’t Love A Party!

Friends, You are invited to a Facebook Live Party to kick off


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Wednesday, August 26th at 7:30 CST


Our study here will actually begin Monday, September 2nd!!

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Let’s Party!!

New Look New You!

I am so excited about the new look of Living Joy Today and our first ever online book study, Exhale. https://exhalebook.com/

During our study we will learn to:
Lose Who We Aren’t
Love Who We Are
Love Our One Lives Well!

Do you find yourself apologizing unnecessarily?

How about giving authority over your life to people that just don’t matter?


Do you need to set a few boundaries?

These are questions I have found the answers to in Exhale and I am learning to live my one life God created just for me, even after lots of decades. Change is possible at any age! By allowing God be our change agent.

Comment below, “I’m ready to let God be my change agent” and join me the last week of August and September to study “Exhale” by Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory.

It’s Just About Time to “Exhale”

Exhale book Cover

Hi Friend,

August is here and that means only a few more weeks before we begin “Exhale” Book Study.  I have a new page on my blog just for this amazing study for you to easily access everything you will need as we journey to:

Losing Who We Aren’t

Loving Who We Are


Living Our One Life Well!

Check it out right here Exhale

Leave me a comment today if you are planning on joining me

August 26th-September 27th to EXHALE!

Also, If you don’t know Grit ‘N’ Grace Podcast, I highly suggest it.

Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory have an amazing chemistry that is like non other.  Sharing their authentic selves with their listeners, using scripture to beak those “Bad Rules” we come across in our daily lives.

Give them a listen Grit ‘N’ Grace

I can’t wait to hear from you this week!!!

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy!