Motivation For Your Monday! Acting In Ways to Honor Jesus

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Joyful Monday Friend and Happy Week of Thanksgiving!  As the big turkey day draws near, our lives tend to get a little more hectic.  Let’s remember  Colossians 3:17 this week as we are out running errands, at work, and with our family to speak and act in ways that honor Jesus,and taking time to give thanks to God through Jesus.

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy,

Jane Ann

Motivation For Your Monday! Giving Thanks Through Song!

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Welcome to Monday friend.  Let’s raise our voices today and make a joyful noise in Thanksgiving to God, the King of Kings!

Today I have so many people  I am grateful for whom God has placed in my life during different seasons for all different reasons.  Each one has a special place in my heart.  And even as difficult as it is, so do those who have been a painful part of my path.  I know God didn’t put them in my life to hurt me, I believe they were there for me to learn some very hard lessons which today I can look back and be thankful.

Who are you thankful for today?  Sing a song to God in praise for them and Him for blessing you friend with the variety of folks you have encountered on your journey.

Love and Light,

Jane Ann

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy!


Motivation For Your Monday! Transforming, Turning, and Changing

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Let’s get this first Monday of the month started off with praise and thanks to Jesus! I can’t think of a better way to start off our day today, or any day.

I love this quote by William-Arthur Ward: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joys, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”.

What do you have gratitude for today?

Let Go, Live Now, Live Joy,

Jane Ann

Motivation for Your Monday! Have No Fear Jesus Is Here!

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Blessed Monday to you Friend!

As we have transitioned from summer to fall we have made other changes and decisions in our lives and more are sure to come.  I love the visual created by Psalm 121:1-2.  As we look to the hills which God created we can know that He will always provide for us during all of our seasons of change and decision-making.

With change often comes fear.  And sometimes we can let that fear paralyze us to a point where we get stuck in the past dwelling on decisions gone wrong, or worry about what if I say yes or no to this invitation.  What we need to do in these times of change and fear is to pull ourselves back to the present.  Our Heavenly Father, “I AM” is a God of now, the present.

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27

Look to God today friend.  He has all of your answers.

Monday Challenge:

What decisions, changes, fears are you facing in this season? Are you stuck in the past or floating in the future? I challenge you today to bring yourself to the safety of the present. Come to Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Will Provide.  He will provide your answers and take away your fears.  Be present today.

Love and Light,

Jane Ann

Motivation for Your Monday! God Instructions

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Yes, it’s Monday! Hope your weekend was restful and joyful.

In our verse today, Paul, who was still Saul at the time, was on his way to Damascus, when God came down from Heaven and blinded him with a bright light.  Talk about some change in someone’s life about to happen! God tells Saul, (my paraphrasing here), get up and get on into Damascus and there you will be given all the instructions you will need for your God assignment.

I don’t know about you, but I have made several moves in my life, some by choice, others not so much my choice.  Big moves, across country moves.  Some kicking and screaming. What I didn’t remember during those times was that I needed to just go.  Even if I had no idea why, God was calling and I needed to go.

What I found out was God did have some great plans for me when I opened up and trusted Him.  When I go to where he calls, I find that I learn so much about myself and those around me.  I learn that my life is more blessed than I could ever imagine when I just go and wait for His instructions.

What have you been called to do today?  Will you go?  Will you be open to the changes God is calling you to make in your life?

Love and Light,

Jane Ann

Motivation for Your Monday! Hope In God!


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It’s another magnificent Monday!  Have hope in God’s love and compassion for you today, friend.  It’s a new day!  Let’s make it a great one!

Heavenly Father we come to you this Monday morning with so much going on in our lives. But we know we do not have to be consumed by these worldly concerns because your love and faithfulness are with us new each day.  Thank you Father for today! In the name of Jesus, Amen.





Motivation for Your Monday!

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Welcome to another Monday!! It’s going to be a fabulous day no matter what you have going on in your world.  It is so wonderful that we get to choose our attitudes and we can change them for the good at any time.

If you woke up today on the “wrong side of the bed” its alright.  And I want you to know it’s okay not to be okay too.  We all have those days.  But we have the choice each day to choose our attitude even when things are going as we planned.

Monday challenge:

What is your current attitude?  Do you need to make a change for the better?  If so, ask God for the Holy Spirit to enter into you today to help make that change come about.  If you are on top of the world today, say a prayer of gratitude, and pray for a friend who needs a little love and hope today in choosing to make an attitude adjustment.

Love and Light,

Jane Ann