Friday Joy! Peace


Happy Friday!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find peace this time of year. However, when we remember to keep Jesus the reason for the season, I believe we will find the peace He meant for us to enjoy.  The evil one is lurking my friend, and he is nothing like the Grinch. His heart will never grow four sizes larger on any day and he never wants to see your’s grow deeper for your Savior, Jesus. Don’t let him steal your peace this Advent season.  Take time with Jesus.

This week’s winner of my Advent Gift Card Give Away is:

Marian H.



Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy,

Jane Ann

Join me again this Sunday for Week 3 of Advent, we will light the candle of Joy!

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Friday Joy! Hope

Happy Friday Friend.  I pray you have been filled with Hope this first week of Advent.  I know I sure have.  It hasn’t been an easy week for me, but diving into the Word of God, brings me hope every time.  If you too have had a difficult week or have started to maybe feel a little tinge of stress that can sneak in during this time of year, take a few minutes in God’s word today.  Be refreshed, refueled, revived with His Hope!

This week’s winner of my Advent Gift Card Give Away is:  Julie M.  Congratulations!!!

Join me again this Sunday for Week 2 of Advent when we will light the candle of  Peace.  

Have a blessed Weekend!

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy!

Jane Ann

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Friday Joy!

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Happy Friday Friends,

As we come to the end of November I wanted to let you know about what is coming up in December here at Living Joy Today. Things will be changing  up  with a series on Advent which will be posted on the four Sundays of Advent and the morning of December 24th, Christmas Eve.

To also add a little fun in the mix, since it is the season of Jesus and I do love giving, I am going to be giving away gift cards each week.  To be eligible for the give away, be a follower of Living Joy Today, like the post, and leave a comment.  It would also be great if you would share the blog with a friend,  Sharing is caring and I would love the Word of Jesus to spread.

Look Up, Let Go, Live Joy,

Jane Ann

Friday Joy! God’s Will

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Happy Friday Friends,

Today Friends, let us not stop praying for God to fill us with the knowledge of His will through all the  wisdom and understanding the Spirit gives.  Let us not stop praying for love and peace in our country.  I believe even with all of the tragedy, division, and evil that is going on in our country, we as Christians can make a difference by looking up, letting go, and living joy.

Look up to God today and pray for His Will.

Let go of any fear, frustration, anger, you are holding.

Live Joy today and pass it on!

The world needs Jesus more than ever.

If you believe it, share it!